Jackie and William

This wedding was extra special from the beginning. You see, Jackie is this sister of Evelin, our first "real" client. We loved working with Evelin and her fiancé so much that their photos are ALL over our website. So when I got the call from Jackie, asking us to photograph her wedding, I was pretty excited. And then.....they showed up looking..... just amazing. Jackie totally had a Jackie O thing going on with her lace sheath dress. And William was channeling James Bond with his navy suit and bow tie. (Kind of love bow ties over here!) And last, but not least, super sweet Natalie looking darling in her cream floral dress.

We began the session in my favorite part of the Terry Hershey park - where this gorgeous moss hangs from the trees. Then, we walked down a path in the woods and made our way through the park.

This is one of those sessions where I CANNOT pick a favorite. Just when I think Jackie and William have stunning shots of just the two of them, we bring Natalie in for the family shots and they are so darling all together. Then, the quiet moments shared with her mom and dad alone just made my heart melt.

Before we knew it, it was time for the ceremony. We made our way over to City Centre to meet their family and friends. (I even got to reunite with Evelin and Ricardo!) The ceremony was short and oh so sweet. Their vows were so loving and heartfelt, as they talked about the last 9 years they spent together. It's moments like these that I have to remind myself that I'm there working because I could just sit and listen to all the love.

So that was it! They were man and wife and it was time to celebrate. They so graciously offered for me to stay and join them, but I had to dash home to my sweet newborn baby. But I just know it was a beautiful evening, one they will remember forever.

Jackie, William, and Natalie - thank you so much for trusting me with your special day. Congratulations and wishing your beautiful family all the happiness in the world!



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