We have worked long and hard to learn to take photos that do not require Photoshop, therefore it not a service we regularly provide. However, there are cases when a client may desire Photoshop (i.e., a wrinkled shirt, a blemish, etc.) In these cases, we outsource any Photshopping for a fee per image.


The two key words relating to our style are fresh and timeless. Of course everyone shows up to their session looking their best, but there are some tried and true tips for great looking photos, every time.

DRESS UP: Think of what you'd wear to a beach wedding. Flowy dresses and skirts for her create amazing, elegant silhouettes, and what guy doesn't look great in a collared shirt or jacket?

WEAR LIGHT COLORS: A signature of our style is light, bright, and airy photos. Your results just won't be the same if everyone in the photo is wearing dark clothing.

THINK CLASSIC: Solid colors are always a solid choice, along with subtle patterns like stripes or even lace. You will likely be less excited about trendy patterns a few years from now than you may be right now. (Although, we do love a great floral print.)

PICK A FEW COLORS: The key word here is "few." You want a cohesive look, but gone are the days when everyone in the family showed up wearing all white outfits or all denim. Pick a few colors and stick to them for the family.

FLATTER YOURSELF: If you don't like the way it looks in the mirror, chances are you won't like it in photos. Pick pieces that flatter your best assets and focus less on those you don't want center stage.

WRINKLE-FREE: Remember, we don't Photoshop and we don't profit from sending images out to be Photoshopped, so we don't love charging our clients to fix what could easily be avoided by ironing.


Depending on the venue and the size of the wedding, we reccomm​end 30-45 minutes each for the following sets of photos: 

• Family 
• Bridal party
• Bride and groom 
• Getting ready
• First look 
• Bridal portraits


Have we done it in less time? Absolutely, but these are the photos that you will look back on and be most likely to frame. Don’t shortchange yourself by keeping us around to take more dance floor photos and missing out on the most important shots!