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Last week, we talked about one way anyone can position their body for a much more flattering photo, but what happens when you think you are doing something cute and it just doesn't work?

POSING OFFENSE #2: IT'S A FULL MOON TONIGHT - doing something that is cute in our minds, but unflattering in reality. For some reason, we thought a piggyback ride would be super cute. #fail #ilikebigbuttsandicannotlie

POSING SOLUTION #2: As a client, you can't see what the photographer sees. While it is an AWESOME idea to try new things, the photographer should be able to understand what you are trying to go for and make a few tweaks for a more flattering pose. In this case, we looked at the camera, noticed that Mitch carrying me AWAY from the camera wasn't a great look and turned ourselves around - much cuter!

Although this posing offense requires your photographer to have your back, there are tons more ways you can flatter yourself in any photos you take, whether they are professional photos or just a few quick iPhone pics. We will talk about one of these ways in our next blog post.


Erin at Blush and Bloom

  • Erin Perry

All things being equal, posing is arguably the most important part of a photo. Think about it: the background is gorgeous, the light is coming through your hair and your face is positively glowing, but you are standing at an angle that is incredibly unflattering. Are you going to like that photo? NO way. No matter what size we are and how great our outfit is, there are GOING to be certain positions and angles that just don't do us justice and make us look our worst.

I will be the first one to tell you that if I don't like the way I look in a photo, the first thing I am going to do is untag it from any social media (if a friend posted it). If the photo is mine, I take every precaution to ensure that it never sees the light of day. And that is something we just DON'T want for our clients. We want you to be feelin' yourself in every photo.

To illustrate my point, I'd like to show you some photos in this 4 part series where I'm 1000% NOT feelin' myself and how minor tweaks to posing made a HUGE difference.

POSING OFFENSE #1: Smushed arms and slouchy shoulders.

POSING SOLUTION #1: Want to look 15 lbs lighter? Yes, please! By creating space between my arms and my body, I make my arms look about half as big. Also, by bringing my shoulders back and slightly arching my back, I create a much more flattering silhouette of the rest of my body.

This is probably the easiest posing problem to fix, with the most well-known solution. More to come on other posing challenges in our next post!


Erin at Blush and Bloom

1. Deals, Baby! When a photographer is building her portfolio, you can score amazing deals that will likely never be available again once her portfolio is built and she is up and running. Even though photographers are artists, many of us are savvy business people with experience in the corporate world and a solid business plan. The portfolio building phase is just that, a phase designed to help launch our business to where we would eventually like to take it. Take advantage of those bargains while you can!

2. Brand Spankin'-New Equipment If there is one thing photographers who are setting out starting a business have, it is new equipment. We know that we are entering a sea filled with talented photographers and we want to hit the ground running. What does that mean? It means that anyone who is serious about setting up a photography business has taken the step to invest in their future with the best possible equipment they can afford. That photographer with 20 years experience? She might take great photos, but technology moves fast! If she is using dated equipment, your photos may not be all they could be.

3. One Word: Pinworthy Before launching our business, you can bet on the fact that we have spent HOURS, DAYS, WEEKS, MONTHS, or even YEARS researching. We have pin after pin of the most beautiful photos, the best poses, the newest techniques to capture that perfect glow of the afternoon sun. Boho chic? Vintage styled mini sessions? You got it. We’ve had the time to devote to stay current and on-trend that seasoned photographers may not have.

4. Behind the Scenes Experience Speaking of those pinworthy styles and techniques, you wouldn’t think that we would try them for the FIRST time when asking you to share your valuable time with us, would you? ABSOLUTELY NOT! Our greatest desire is for your photos to be beautiful and perfect, and we want the experience to be smooth. We have dragged our husbands, friends, pets, and children along to PRACTICE every single location, setting, and pose, and scenario that we can POSSIBLY think of so that we know we are prepared to consistently get the perfect photo every time.

5. Customer Service Last but not least is customer service. We have created our business plan, researched the latest trends until our computers crashed, and practiced till the cows came home, but the only thing we haven’t had the opportunity to prove to our perfectionist selves and to the world is that we can make a customer truly happy. With everything on the line and our business DEPENDING on client happiness, we ave a plan to make sure you are happy and we are bouncing off the walls excited to set it loose. NO ONE will fall over themselves more to make you happy than a new photographer.

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