We are a husband and wife team who has always enjoyed photography and beautiful images, but truly fell in LOVE with photography after our own wedding. Picture this: an intimate sunset wedding in the mountains of Kaua'i, just the two of us, our officiant, and our photographer. We were lucky that we hired a photographer who captured these beautiful moments for us, as the beauty of it all isn't for believing without proof. But we wanted more. The next day, we changed back into our wedding dress and suit, and we went on an adventure. That day we shot all of our own photos, exploring settings, textures, and poses we had missed the day before. 

What we found was that together, we take beautiful photos, and it was no surprise. We worked together in a corporate setting for three years before tying the knot, and jumped at the chance to work together again. Erin is the creative director, tastemaker, and primary photographer, while Mitch is the technical guru and second shooter.

We found our happily ever after and would love to photograph yours! 



Erin & Mitch